Two fuzzy creatures both want to sit in the same comfy chair. The trouble is, they can’t agree who it belongs to. They get madder and madder, until…

 With expressive illustrations and simple text, this giggle-inducing tale about (not) sharing and (not) being a good friend features the endearing characters from Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner You Are (Not) Small.

 Publication Date: September 1, 2015.

REVIEWS for That's (Not) Mine:

"The furry heroes of Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant’s award-winning You Are (Not) Small are at it again. This time the two cuddly beasts are in competition over who gets access to a comfy reading chair. Thanks to pure white backgrounds, the reader’s eye is drawn again and again to Weyant’s charismatic creations..As the battle for ownership of the chair gets more and more physical, the situation...will resonate with anyone who has siblings or frenemies." -- USA Today

“Everyone is a winner because as readers we have a follow-up that is just as delightful as its predecessor...Themes of friendship and sharing are front and center...will resonate with both the child and adult reading this book. The perfect read aloud..for young readers to request this one over and over again. Also, kindergarten students will celebrate being able to read this one aloud without help as they learn to read the individual words that comprise this text. If you loved You Are (Not) Small, then you will want That's (Not) Mine.”-

Kang and Weyant's minimalistic art and dialogue force viewers to make their own inferences about events, especially in regards to why it is wrong to act in such a manner. VERDICT With its clever use of reverse psychology, That's (Not) Mine provides the perfect foundation for a discussion on sharing.—School Library Journal

“This book is just so much of what you want your young child to read. It's silly, and simple, and wholesome, with characters who are real and flawed and lovable. Just like those preschoolers who won't be able to keep their hands off it.” -- Once Upon A 

“It's sure to be a story-time/bed-time hit with repeated requests for rereads. It's ingenious in its beautiful simplicity, which perfectly captures the drama but gently imparts the message. Perfectly relatable to all age groups and a valuable addition to elementary and public libraries. Don't miss this gem!” --

“Told entirely through (increasingly irate) dialogue, Kang and Weyant’s follow-up to You Are (Not) Small, brings back the purple and orange bearlike creatures from that book, who are now fighting over ownership of a chair.…Kang’s stripped-down dialogue and Weyant’s exuberant cartoons tap into the core of their characters’ emotions in a story that highlights the foolishness of fighting when there’s fun to be had.” – Publishers Weekly

That's Not Mine