“This book is just so much of what you want your young child to read. It's silly, and simple, and wholesome, with characters who are real and flawed and lovable. Just like those preschoolers who won't be able to keep their hands off it.” - Once Upon A

“Told entirely through (increasingly irate) dialogue, Kang and Weyant’s follow-up to You Are (Not) Small, brings back the purple and orange bearlike creatures from that book, who are now fighting over ownership of a chair. “I was sitting in it before,” says the purple one. “I’m sitting in it now,” responds the other. Using distraction (a spinning, zooming swivel chair) and dirty tricks (a tickle-inducing feather), the animals wrest control of the chair from the other, before giving up to play together. Kang’s stripped-down dialogue and Weyant’s exuberant cartoons tap into the core of their characters’ emotions in a story that highlights the foolishness of fighting when there’s fun to be had.” - Publishers Weekly.

“Just as in their previous picture book, Weyant’s illustrations are delightfully fun, and Kang’s story presents a life lesson without being overly didactic, allowing readers, whether they be young ones hearing the story read aloud or newly independent readers flying solo, to decide how much they wish to reflect upon the moral of the story. I do hope Kang and Weyant continue to address such perfectly suited childhood themes with these furry guys in future books!” - 5 Minutes For